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Students have relied on Abroad Education Consultants for years to recruit abroad.

Business - Lesly Noor - September 19, 2022

Students have relied on Abroad Education Consultants for years to recruit abroad.

Students study abroad process this year has taken a different turn as they have relied heavily on education consultants. International education consultants assist local students in studying abroad by representing the best study abroad consultants universities in their home countries. The QS International Student Survey reported that one out of five international students used the agent’s services.

Since many prospective students worldwide first contact overseas with an overseas education consultant, they have played a significant role in student recruitment. A large increase in students opting for the service with the best study abroad consultants has been reported in QS’ International student survey. When considering studying abroad, students are looking for recommendations from education agents to assist with deadlines, fees and processes, as well as other crucial factors.

best study abroad consultants

What should you look for when choosing an overseas education consultant?

  • What is their experience as international education consultants?
  • What is their experience with the country where they plan to study abroad?
  • Which universities and colleges do they have that offer a wide range of courses?
  • Has the university of your choice signed an agency agreement with them?
  • Have you visited the country where you intend to study with a consultant or counsellor?
  • Is their knowledge of the university system in the country deep enough to help students with higher education?
  • Were they attentive, eager, and interested in your requirements?
  • Are they explaining why and how much funding you will need for your chosen study abroad program if your budget is low?
  • Would they be able to tell you about university entry requirements, course duration, fees, intakes, available scholarships & admissions criteria?
  • When will the process be completed?
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How to Choose a Reputable Architecture Firm?

Business - Lesly Noor - September 14, 2022

How to Choose a Reputable Architecture Firm?

The hiring process can be a tiresome and time-consuming endeavour for many, one that occasionally goes wrong or gets misdirected. Understanding what the top architecture firms seek in a candidate can help you make the most of your time and produce considerable outcomes. As well as the resources and locations they use when bringing on new employees. We list the many techniques and tools used by architectural businesses.

Look at the Architects’ Earlier Work:

One of the first things you should do when learning about an architecture business is to look at their previous work. Most companies publish their portfolios on their websites, but you can also look for them on social media to see what they have published. The top architecture firms allow you to obtain a solid sense of the kind of work they do.

top architecture firms

View the firm’s testimonials from previous clients:

You’ll be interested in hearing what previous customers should say about their experiences working with the business. Ask for customer satisfaction surveys or client references if they do not already have them available. Additionally, some businesses might have public evaluations on their Facebook business pages, Yelp, or Google.

Make sure the architectural business utilises 3D technology:

Traditionally, businesses use the 2D program AutoCAD to do business. Utilising a 3D company will enable you to view a realistic representation of the finished project at any stage of the process through 3D renderings or animations. It may cost more, but having a clear vision of how your project will turn out can help you relax and worry less than you might otherwise.

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