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Getting the Best International School in Chiang Mai

education - Lesly Noor - May 3, 2021

Thanks to the trend towards transnational business, the border between the first world and the third world is rapidly disappearing. A few decades ago, a trip to a western country was considered a great achievement for an Asian. But no more, in fact, this trend has changed recently. While the eastern world travels very easily to the western part of the world, many westerners have made eastern places their homes.

In some of the most respected European universities, students and teachers who are fanatical about the exotic languages ​​of the East have devoted themselves to researching and studying them. On the other hand, school-age children speak to their grandmothers in their own language, to their friends in English, and to foreigners in a foreign language.

Languages ​​are best learned in the early years

Research shows that languages ​​are best learned in the early years of life and thrive through consistent practice and thrive through consistent practice. Students who start learning languages ​​early in their lives will soon become fluent in them and speak as fluently as they do in their own language. As the best international school in chiang mai have students from different countries, exposure to international languages ​​and different cultures plays an important role in shaping the personality of the students. This prepares them to meet the growing demand for international standards.

Building your career

As a teacher, you can build your career by working as a teacher abroad in an international school just as you would in your home country. Similar positions of responsibility, middle and senior management, and continuing education are available.

While it is true that in many foreign schools, many students study in a second or third language, these children do not attend an international school just to learn English; They study all of their subjects in preparation for higher and higher education and beyond.

Many teachers simply do not understand the opportunities available to them in schools abroad; They immediately think that this is just teaching English as a foreign language, and many do not want it; they want to work as teachers abroad, teaching the subjects in which they are taught. In addition, many teachers do not apply because they feel they need to speak the language of the country where the school is located. This is usually not the case. All international schools use English as their language of instruction, which is why there are so many opportunities for English speaking teachers around the world.


Language is not only a powerful means of communication, it can fascinate people. This gives a big boost to confidence and travel becomes commonplace. For kids who dream big, international schools provide everything they need to make their dreams come true.

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