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18-wheeler Accident: Call For An Accident Attorney

Law - Lesly Noor - September 21, 2023

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Accidents may happen unintentionally. It is unplanned or predicted because it happens for different reasons, not just one. These accidents usually happen on streets, either being hit by a vehicle or driving a car and getting in an accident. What happens if hit by an 18-wheeler truck?

What accident claims do you deserve? Being involved in this kind of accident is more of a nightmare than a car accident. The regular automobiles are roughly the same size, while tractor-trailers are massive.

Life will change! Anybody hit by these vehicles can be entitled to vehicular accident claims, including an 18-wheeler accident. If you are a victim of this kind of accident, get an 18 wheeler accident attorney to assist you legally.

What is an 18-wheeler accident?

An 18-wheeler accident has two terms, namely:

  1. Semi-truck accident
  2. Tractor-trailer accident

These can have serious and potentially devastating consequences due to the size and weight of these large commercial vehicles.

Understanding the difference between car accidents and 18-wheeler accidents

Before getting a lawyer to help you legally, you need to know first which right accident specialist you need. There are four differences between these two types of accidents:

Amount of damage. Damage is limited when two cars collide. A semi-truck causes more damage because it is much larger.

  • Experience of drivers. Passenger car drivers have a standard-issued driver’s license. The truck operators are professionals. They hold special licenses. Commercial motor vehicle drivers are trained to avoid accidents as they drive for a living.
  • Number of injured parties. The normal-size car holds many people. The drivers and passengers in car accidents may be the only people injured. An 18-wheeler truck can wipe out multiple cars, pedestrians, buses, and road construction crews.
  • Size of vehicles involved. The semi-trucks are bigger compared to an average car. If the two vehicles are tangled up, the size wins against speed.

How does an 18-wheeler accident attorney help get your claims?

The 18-wheeler attorney can help you in several ways:

  • File a lawsuit
  • Investigate an accident
  • Negotiate on the client’s behalf
  • Helps decide when to settle
  • Works on a contingency basis

Take the case to trial

A semi-truck or 18-wheeler accident lawyer evaluates every aspect of the case. It determines the defendants in your case and the compensation to claim. The lawyer files your claim before the statute limitations expiration, reducing the risk of the lawsuit getting tossed.

Suffering from an injury not at fault, you are entitled to compensation or claim.

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What are the steps involved in protecting your ideas?

Law - Lesly Noor - February 6, 2023


When you wish to protect my idea, then you need to have the following three categories:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents


If your idea is your own and individual, you can have copyright protection for it. As a result, you have the legal right to manufacture, use, and market the product. In some countries, there is no requirement to register your creation. However, registering the product for copyrights can result in the creation of a public record of your patent. The registration fee varies based on the type of product; the processing fees are also varied. The duration of copyrights varies, but it is typically 70 years.


You need to add trademarks on your product that help to protect my idea. To use a trademark, you need to register with the government with a proper pattern in the trademark office to get additional benefits. The trademark lets the public know about your product, and no one can steal your rights to it. This process may be more complex than registering for copyrights. Hire an expert on your side to make the process simple and protect your ideas.

Patent Attorney


When a person discovers a new and useful product required by people. That may be anything like a machine, manufactured material, composite matter, or a product that is useful for human life. This process is slow and costly, and it may take even a year to patent your invention.

These three ideas are the best way to protect your invention from scams.

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Why You Should Delay You Bankruptcy Filing Process

Law - Lesly Noor - November 5, 2021

If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy, keep in mind that the timing of your bankruptcy case can make a huge difference on the overall outcome. Introducing a little delay to your bankruptcy filing process might help you discharge more debt, keep more assets and so on.

The best thing you can do prior to filing bankruptcy is hiring a good bankruptcy lawyer and getting consultation from them. They will point out the best time to file bankruptcy for you.

Here are some reasons why you might consider delaying your bankruptcy filing process.

You’ve Just Changed Your State

Depending on the state you currently live in, most of your assets would be considered exempt from liquidation when you file For chapter 7 bankruptcy. So, if you have just moved to a state with more favorable exemptions, you should wait for some time before filing bankruptcy. This will help you benefit from the exemptions provided by your new state.

On the other hand, if you just found out that your previous state had more favorable exemptions, you should fine as soon as possible to get the exemptions available in your previous state. You can click here for more information.

You’ve Starteda Job That Pays Low

When you file for bankruptcy, your average income for the last six months is considered when calculating the repayment plan. So, if you have just started a job that pays lower as compared to your previous job, you should wait for at least 6 to 7 months to bring your average monthly income down.

On the other hand, if you have just started a job that pays more, you could file bankruptcy as soon as possible to avoid an increase in your average monthly income.

These were some reasons to delay or accelerate your bankruptcy filing process.

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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

Law - Lesly Noor - April 18, 2021

attorneys for personal injury in Atlanta

Hiring a Lawyer is not necessary in every case. For example, you do not need a lawyer to defend you when you are fighting for small claims, and speeding tickets. But there are countless other legal matters in which hiring a lawyer is very important for your safety and well-being. Going without a lawyer in big legal cases is a great risk which you should always avoid.

Since you do not have proper legal knowledge, you should always hire a lawyer to help you in tricky legal situations. Here are some reasons to why you should hire Lawyer in different situations. You can read more about The Angell Law Firm here.

Atlanta GA injury lawyers

You Don’t Understand Law Fully

If you are not a qualified lawyer, you should never Avoid and Hiring a Lawyer in legal cases. Even if you are a lawyer yourself, you should still hire another experienced lawyer to defend you in your case. That is because the lawyer you hire will provide you with a neutral view when defending you in the court. You can also hire a lawyer who specializes in the area of your legal needs.

Without the help of a trained and experienced the lawyer, you can quickly lose even a strong case. That is why you should always hire a lawyer to help you in legal matters.

It Might Actually Save You Money

In many cases, you are actually at the risk of getting financial penalties or prison sentence. So, a lot is at stake in these cases, and you should always make sure that you are fully defended by hiring an experienced lawyer for the job.While the lawyer will definitely charge you his fees, you might actually be saving more money by avoiding financial penalties and possible jail time by hiring them. This is why you should hire a lawyer to defend you.

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